Tailor-made clothing in Naples

Unique clothing for special people

For all of you who love fashion and are happy to try on the clothes you like to see how they fit you, come in our store of tailor-made clothing in Naples: it is the right place to meet your needs. Our cosy and friendly atmosphere will attract you and will make you love fashion even more.
What is our philosophy? We still attribute an “old” meaning to our business: we love to create a personal relationship with our clients and become their private stylists, because it is not possible to find the right dress for a woman if you don’t know her personality, tastes and lifestyle. And our skills include also this element, not only the amazing tailor-made clothing in Naples we sell.

In order to be always updated with the latest collections, the promotions and the events about us, we invite you to regularly check our website and our Facebook page: we have decided to use the social networks because we want to build a trusted relationship with you, communicating in a more easily way.

Come to our store and discover our new elegant and trendy collections: you will have unique and original clothes that will make you beautiful all year round. Our ability to interpret and transform the desires and tastes of our clients has allowed us to achieve the success and popularity we have today across the city and in the sector.

In our stores of tailor-made clothing in Naples we will be enthusiastic to show and offer you our clothes, part of which are exclusively made for Malia in the traditional professional tailor’s shops across the city. We want each one of you to feel special wearing our clothes, jewels, and accessories: this is the aim of any garment and we perfectly know that, because we have been committed for many years to finding the right dress for the right person. Being well dressed does not mean to find a dress that fits a client, but to find the one in which a person might express herself. This is often noordinary mission.

What are you waiting for? Do not miss this fantastic opportunity and come and visit us: we will make your dreams come true at an excellent value for price.