Come to us and rediscover the taste of Made in Italy

It 's almost pointless to emphasize how the Italian fashion in Naples, you can find in this city the perfect representation: our beautiful town, full of contradictions and excellence, has always been recognized in the world, not only for its breathtaking beauty, to the traditional style , handed down from generation to generation by the tailors.

The Italian tailoring tradition has its origins in a very long time ago, where small tailors began to work in their shops all the fabrics and the finest fabrics that could be found. And so, day after day, year after year the skills of these artisans increased more and more up to make Italy and consequently the city a benchmark in the art of tailoring. In a world where all these values are slowly losing, we represent the diversity in everything we prefer the part and approval prefer the authenticity that only those who, like us, working in this field for years, is able to give .

You should definitely come into our kingdom because here you will breathe the authenticity and flavor of the typical tradition of our Italian culture, in general, and the Neapolitan, in particular that made the Made in Italy is synonymous with style and elegance. Do you think that every day, people from all over the world come to our country to do some shopping and then show off, once back at home, their Italian suits; you're already here, so enjoy!

In our concept store, will rediscover the elegance and sophistication of Italian fashion in Naples and can also be found, together with our tailored suits, many leaders of the most popular and most famous brands, to suit all tastes and different needs. Come and visit us, to know our staff, to try our heads and you'll be thrilled.