Jewels in Naples

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In a more and more globalized world, where everybody tends to the conformity and to behave in the same way and have the same things, we offer our nonconformist and more intellectual philosophy. It was conceived by Maria and Annaclelia, who managed to transform their passion into a success, thanks to the love and efforts put in it day by day. In order to have good results in such ambitious and difficult projects, like Malia at the beginning, it is important to put a deep trust in your ideas and not let the difficulties destroy you. And, like it often happens, despite the problems and the moments of disappointment, if an idea is successful and the final product is qualitatively valid, the success is the only possible conclusion.

In our concept store, where we sell jewels in Naples, every season we produce and offer our refined clients many bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants of all shapes, materials and colours. All the bijous we offer to our clients are the result of Maria and Annaclelia’s brilliant ideas, who give their creations a special and personal touch.

All our beautiful jewels in Naples are created in the traditional Neapolitan labs by the hands of expert and skilled artisans, where the know-how is the result of a solid tradition passed down from generation to generation. Our bijous are conceived to satisfy our clients’ taste and are unique pieces full of Maria and Annaclelia’s love for their everyday work.

For us the value of a jewel is not measured by its price or brand, it is its uniqueness and the art it represents. All our jewels in Naples are handmade and for this reason they are always different from each other.