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In a more and more consumer and globalized world, where everything is conformed, we offer our nonconformist and more intellectual philosophy. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants in our concept store of women’s clothing in Naples are all created in the Neapolitan labs by expert and skilled artisans, whose know how is the result of a solid tradition, passed down from generation to generation. Our bijous are designed to satisfy every woman’s taste, they are unique pieces, which hide Maria and Annaclelia’s love, passion and dedication for their job. Be different with elegance and wear our unique and special jewels. For us each client is different because is first of all an individual.

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In our stores selling women’s clothing in Naples, in addition to our beautiful tailor-made clothes and pendants, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, we will find the item you need to complete your total look, the cherry on top to be always elegant and fashionable and never out of place. Our skills in following our clients with kindness and professionalism allowed us to achieve the reputation and respect we currently have in the sector and in the city. Come and discover our bags, scarves and discover all the other accessories we have for you. Each unique and handmade creation and our professional staff will seduce you. We are waiting for you: come.

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In our store of women’s clothing in Naples, in addition to the bijous and jewels, you will also find many clothes for every occasion. Are you looking for a long and very elegant evening dress or for something more casual, suitable for your everyday life? No problem: come and let our skilled staff take care of your total look with taste and professionalism. We will show you our tailor-made clothes, some of which are exclusively made for Malia in the traditional tailor’s shops across the city. Don’t miss this opportunity and come to visit us now: we will make your dreams come true with the right value for price.

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In the store of women’s clothing in Naples you may find, in addition to our tailor-made creations, many clothes of the most famous and requested brands, in order to satisfy all the needs and various desires. You have to come and visit us because you will breathe the perfume of the authentic and typical Italian and Neapolitan traditions, which have transformed the Made in Italy into a synonym for style and elegance. In a world where all these values are slowly fading away, we represent the diversity: we prefer a small part to the entire thing and the authenticity to the conformity which are offered only by who, like us, has been working in this sector for many years. Come and visit us, get to know our staff, try our clothes and you will be delighted.