Malia Naples

An authentic flavour

In the historic district of Naples, two friends with different backgrounds, eclectic minds, free souls shared the courage to express themselves and make a dream come true: at Malia Naples they started to create bijous which were appreciated like jewels, which any woman could identify with.

The pure creativity, the research for the materials, the entirely handmade production in some experienced Neapolitan labs, to which Maria and Annaclelia entrusted the production of their jewels, make each piece innovative in its design and perfect in its production.

The starting point is passion. Only following the scrupulous work of the two designers you will discover that every creation is not just a simple accessory to wear, but a lot more. The accessory is an integral part of the outfit; it transforms the right opportunity in many moments of your life.

The encounter with Adriano allowed them to develop their project: they opened a concept store in the heart of the historic district in Naples where you can find, in addition to the jewels and bijous also clothes and accessories, exclusively made for Malia in Naples, which are the result of a scrupulous research among the Italian fashion brands.

Malia in Naples becomes a total look, an expression of its creators’ vision of women.