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Malia, concept store for women’s clothing in Naples, welcomes you on our website, where you can have fun discovering the sections dedicated to our handmade products: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants but also beautiful women’s clothing for all tastes and seasons. If you are looking for unique accessories and clothes, come and visit us in the heart of this amazing city. You will meet kind and friendly assistants who will be there for you and your total look. Yes, because in our store of women’s clothing in Naples we will take care of your look with accuracy and professionalism. We will choose together the best accessory for the perfect dress: you won’t be unsatisfied!

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In a more and more conformist world, we love to be different with a more refined and less common philosophy. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants in our concept store of women’s clothing in Naples are all created in the Neapolitan labs by the hands of skilled and expert artisans, who hold a solid tradition, passed down from generation to generation. Our bijous are designed to satisfy every woman’s taste, they are unique pieces, which hide Maria and Annaclelia’s love, passion and dedication. Choose elegance, wear Malia’s jewels.



In our store for women’s clothing in Naples, in addition to our beautiful tailor-made clothes and pendants, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, we will find the item you need to complete your outfit for every occasion. Our skills in following our clients with kindness and professionalism have allowed us to achieve the reputation and respect we currently have in the sector and in the city. Come and discover our collections: bags, scarves and hats. Each unique and handmade creation and our professional staff will seduce you.



The store offers women’s clothing in Naples. In addition to the bijous and jewels you will find also many clothes for every occasion. Are you looking for an evening dress? Long and elegant?Or something more casual, suitable for your free time? No problem: come and let our skilled staff take care of your total look with taste and professionalism. We will show you our tailor-made clothes, made for Malia in the traditional tailor’s shops across the city. We will make your dreams come true with the right value for price.



In the store of women’s clothing in Naples you may find, in addition to our tailor-made creations, many clothes belonging to the best brands of the Italian fashion world, which are the result of a scrupulous selection carried out to provide our precious clients with the newest ideas to make them feel special. In our boutique you can breathe the perfume of the authentic and traditional Made in Italy, synonym for style and elegance recognized all over the world.


Our story

Our story begins in the heart of Naples, when two very different friends decided to start a new adventure: they started to design totally handmade bijous, which every woman might identify with. So Maria and Annaclelia decided to entrust the creation of their unique pieces to some expert Neapolitan labs.

Then the encounter with Adriano allowed them to make their project come true, thanks to the opening of a concept store in the heart of the Neapolitan capital, where you may find beautiful tailor-made clothes in addition to the bijous: Malia becomes a store with women’s clothing in Naples which takes care of your total look. Our successful story is an example and a testimony of our tenacity, combined with talent and passion, which are the right keys to make your dreams come true.

Entering our world you will breathe our passion for women’s clothing in Naples and for all the accessories that will make your total look so unique that you will glow.

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